Nerds and China

By Kyle Young

The latest twist in China’s long and sordid saga of human rights violations occurred today when President Jiang Zemin turned the tables on the Western powers, accusing several nations – Canada among them – of systematically repressing a widely practiced and accepted religious belief system, that of the Jedi."Ever since Star Wars first emerged, it… Continue reading Nerds and China

The latest, greatest anti-depressant?

By Ruth Davenport

Take your pick, ladies: Prozac or Viagra?The Ottawa Citizen recently published the findings of a study by a team of psychologists at the State University of New York. The study triumphantly declared women directly exposed to semen are significantly less depressed than those who are not.As a woman fighting for the right to enjoy sex… Continue reading The latest, greatest anti-depressant?

Faith in the Pope is Easy

By Kris Kotarski

Losing faith is easy nowadays. The beauty of religion is forgotten when priests abuse children and grocery shopping monopolizes our Sunday afternoons. The church is lost in our Canadian landscape. This is the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church; all the other Christian denominations too. There are many reasons for this. Religion is not… Continue reading Faith in the Pope is Easy

Smokin Ember

By Ashley Martin

The crowd was brought to theirknees by a show that had all the energy of a runaway freight train. Ember Swift took the stage at the Village Cantina on the evening of July 17 and the intensity of her performance was incredible. Song after song the audience witnessed Ember and her guitar become a single,… Continue reading Smokin Ember

Cousteau, Sirena

By Corinna Callsen

Lean back, relax and enjoy this very pleasant compilation of songs. The album? Sirena. The band? Cousteau. The result of their latest work? A multi-purpose album of groovy voices and different lyrics in a well-known soft-rock style. This album is great for driving, but it can also be used for background music at a candlelight… Continue reading Cousteau, Sirena

Eliades Ochoa, Estoy Como Nunca

By Sarah Wostenberg

It is interesting how a foreign language can communicate a feeling better than something expressed in a mother tongue. Cuban and world renowned Eliades Ochoa takes listeners through a journey of emotion on his new release “Estoy Como Nunca”. The music on the album incorporates trumpet, guitar and percussion, featuring vocals by David Hidalgo of… Continue reading Eliades Ochoa, Estoy Como Nunca

Green Day, Shenanigans

By Sara Grawbarger

Shenanigans is an appropriate title, from the punk feel and sound of the 14 short but energetic tracks to the spray paint theme throughout the cover art.The album rounds itself out with upbeat, quick-paced, attitude-filled songs, interspersed with other treasures. Two such noteworthy gems are the spy-versus-spy-esque "Espionage" and the slower, more sentimentally driven "Rotting."Dynamic… Continue reading Green Day, Shenanigans