Green Day, Shenanigans

By Sara Grawbarger

Shenanigans is an appropriate title, from the punk feel and sound of the 14 short but energetic tracks to the spray paint theme throughout the cover art.

The album rounds itself out with upbeat, quick-paced, attitude-filled songs, interspersed with other treasures. Two such noteworthy gems are the spy-versus-spy-esque "Espionage" and the slower, more sentimentally driven "Rotting."

Dynamic guitar and drum parts and Billie Joe’s distinctive vocals combine to create a sound carrying a charge that fills you with pep, like fresh batteries would a favourite electronic toy. The album will likely make you want to call up your most cherished plaid-wearing, blue-haired, or just-plain-mischievous friends for some good times.

Green Day have always managed to produce songs that gather connotations like flies, and therefore never get old. This collection of B-sides, and rarely heard tracks will undoubtedly do the same. It’s a good pick for Green Day and punk fans alike.

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