Blackboard to change in summer

By Sarah Dorchak

The University of Calgary plans to change its current learning management system Blackboard to different software over the 2013 spring and summer break. Blackboard 8.0 has been in use since 2008. A committee of IT partners, Library, Teaching and Learning Centre representatives determined the shortlist of programs based on utility, as well as surveyed staff… Continue reading Blackboard to change in summer

Picky politics

By Tamara Cottle

There is a special place in etiquette hell for picky eaters. With the exception of individuals suffering from severe allergies, people with mechanical problems — like no teeth — and cantankerous two-year-olds, being open to trying new foods should be a given for all able-bodied adults. 
 As our society becomes more culturally diverse, with… Continue reading Picky politics

Hate the game

By Tim Louden

Overpaid corporate executives are bad for business. Large bonuses have had implications in a lack of corporate accountability, further economic instability and diminishing returns for the average worker’s salary.
 The financial crisis of the late 2000s — colloquially dubbed ‘The Great Recession’ — saw the loss of millions of jobs and homes, and the evaporation… Continue reading Hate the game

Women on top

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

Kathleen Wynne has become the first female premier of Ontario, beating out her rival and front-runner Sandra Pupatello. Wynne is also the first openly gay premier. She joins five other women who are currently serving as premier of provinces or territories. This brings the male to female ratio in provincial leadership to 50:50 for the… Continue reading Women on top