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Romantic movie surprisingly cliche

By Dawn Muenchrath

Much to the surprise of moviegoers, Hollywood’s newest romantic film, The Secret Drawer, is receiving a less than enthusiastic response from viewers and critics. The movie, released just in time for Valentine’s Day, is an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’s bestselling novel, The Secret Drawer of Beautiful and Melancholy Love Letters. Despite the dismal quality of… Continue reading Romantic movie surprisingly cliche

New study reveals Calgarians love bad weather

By Dawn Muenchrath

A recent study conducted by the University of Calgary’s sociology department has brought to light a shocking secret about Calgarians: we actually like our city’s unpredictable and miserable winter weather. This finding flies in the face of years and years of resident testimonials professing a love for warm, mild weather. Desiring to appear normal and… Continue reading New study reveals Calgarians love bad weather