Fine Canmore dining

By Ben Hoffman

With a passionate distaste for the boring nights in my hometown of Canmore and no intent to go to sleep, I set off on the holiest of quests with my companions: the great middle-of-the-night journey to that most wondrous of restaurants–Denny’s. Eager to see what such a formidable restaurant would be able to present to… Continue reading Fine Canmore dining

Not lovin’ it

By Mike Hallman

I walk into McDonald’s with high expectations. It has thousands upon thousands of locations worldwide., and the sign proclaims ‘billions and billions served.’ They must be doing something right. I wait in a small line and eye up the menu. The pictures certainly appear appetizing. They have conveniently sorted many of their presumably popular burgers… Continue reading Not lovin’ it

Glennis Houston

By Alan Cho

The sultry, seductive crooning of a jazz standard is becoming overly familiar in today’s music scene. With artists such as Norah Jones and Diana Krall exploding in popularity, it seems a new female vocalist weaned on a mixture of jazz and soul arises weekly. Throwing her hat in the ring with Lies of Handsome Men… Continue reading Glennis Houston


Rock and roll riffs scraping against Latin beats and filtered through a synthesizer is the signature sound of the Mexican five-piece band Kinky. Sounding as if they grew up listening to New World Order on Latin radio during Mexico’s dusty summers, Kinky produced an eclectic mix one wouldn’t think would work, but somehow it does.… Continue reading Kinky


By Peter Hemminger

The most impressive thing about Lhasa’s The Living Road is its sheer earthiness. Rarely does world music (and I use that term because it’s the only catch-all that could include all of Living Road’s various styles) feel this solid, this far removed from the spacey excesses which often hinder the genre. Despite this earthiness, or… Continue reading Lhasa


By James Keller

The Christmas Album, as a concept, is a strange phenomenon. It can signal anything from a brief pop-fad (see: Boys II Men, 98º, Rosie O’Donnell), an attempt to cash-in on successful pop culture (see: Alvin and the Chipmunks, the California Raisins), or the last desperate attempt at reviving sagging career (see: Christina Aguilera, N*Sync, Yanni).… Continue reading Ashanti


By Peter Hemminger

I don’t consider it a weakness I haven’t heard the original disc that led to this remix album. The fact these remixes form an album strong enough to stand on its own speaks volumes. Waltz for Koop provides an amalgamation of jazz, dance, funk, even elements of lounge, and while it’d be tempting to lump… Continue reading Koop

Guided by Voices

By Garth Paulson

All right, I’ll admit it, the truth is the truth and it needs to be made known: I am a relative Guided by Voices virgin. As difficult as that was to say, I feel a lot better finally getting it out in the air. I’ve always had an interest in the band but I suppose… Continue reading Guided by Voices

Avenged Sevenfold

By Darren Hempel

As I slap on the ol’ headphones to soak up Avenged Sevenfold’s Waking the Fallen, I’m struck by two thoughts. Numero uno, don’t forget to take your Immodium this afternoon (we don’t want that unpleasantry all over again). Secondly, this record kicks alotta groin. A surprisingly melodic blend of fast solos and throaty screams, Waking… Continue reading Avenged Sevenfold