Fine Canmore dining

With a passionate distaste for the boring nights in my hometown of Canmore and no intent to go to sleep, I set off on the holiest of quests with my companions: the great middle-of-the-night journey to that most wondrous of restaurants–Denny’s.

Eager to see what such a formidable restaurant would be able to present to my distorted 3 a.m. palate, the hour-long truck ride felt like an eternity. If ever a long wait were worth the time, however, this would be that instance.

Upon entering, we were met with a friendly atmosphere, host to many happy (read: drunk) patrons and service only described by using terms like "lack of sleep."

We were led, with a relatively little of harassment, to one of the perfectly dressed tables in a dining area finely tuned for service and enjoyment.

The first course, of course, was the delicious and amazing wonder fluid that is coffee. Now, coffee and I have had a long history, dating all the way back to the first time I tried it and decided I hated it, to more recent years when I realized it was my only friend. Denny’s’ take on this delicious drink was on par. I mean, what can one really do to make coffee any better than it already is?

Next was the main course. It is important to note here that the menu was diverse, and I wasn’t quite sure what food was traditional at that hour of the day. As the time was waning towards 5 a.m., I decided maybe breakfast would be a wise choice. I could have selected something supper-esque, like a hamburger, or something for between supper and breakfast (I call it breapper), something like steak and eggs, but I opted for the toast, bacon and eggs.

Out came the meal, floating on either a radiant beam of light, or a disgruntled waitress’ hand– I couldn’t tell which, I was getting tired. The meal itself was wonderful, a hug for an empty and tired stomach. I ate all of it and burped with delight, which I’ve been told is polite in some cultures.

As an experience, Denny’s is invaluable to a person who has nothing to do in his hometown except get drunk. So to all of you who look to alcohol as an escape, if just for the evening, Denny’s is the place to be.

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