Sexy questions

I’m walking with my husband down 17th looking for a place to have drinks on Valentine’s Day. We find a place and get comfy in our seats. We notice to the right that a guy and girl are going at it, like I think he was stimulating her under the table. The weird thing was,… Continue reading Sexy questions

Why the worst offence means poor defence

Johann Hari wrote an article in The Independent three weeks ago, evaluating the right to criticize religion. Islamic countries are demanding that the definition be changed for the United Nations Rapporteur on Human Rights, so that offence to religions can be stifled. The Cairo Declaration seeks to enforce shariah law, whereby critiques of Islam will… Continue reading Why the worst offence means poor defence

Rap is crap — or is that just T.I.’s new show?

The countdown begins for Clifford Harris as he casts his final 45 days in front of the camera in “T.I.’s Road to Redemption.” Awaiting his final day of reckoning, one that could land him in jail for up to 30 years, rapper T.I. attempts to steer seven young hustlers off their prison-bound path and out… Continue reading Rap is crap — or is that just T.I.’s new show?

Fixing the turnout

There is an assumption that many university students just don’t care about student politics. That may have been true in the past and if you look around you can find confirmation for this. But a few students’ union elections are starting to challenge that stereotype. To get a big turnout in an election, all you… Continue reading Fixing the turnout

The ghost of literature’s past

Recently reported in the New York Times, Czech novelist Milan Kundera was accused of turning a Western spy in to the communist authorities in Czechoslovakia in the 1950s. Kundera is a well-known dissident writer, famous for being strongly opposed to the communist regime. He was accused of reporting to communist authorities the whereabouts of Miroslav… Continue reading The ghost of literature’s past

The burgeoning fist of the marijuana movement

“The Phelps saga may soon be regarded as the moment when all of that changed, the unforeseeable, yet inevitable moment when the invisible hand of America’s marijuana culture finally became a fist.”— Scott Morgan, “Kellogg’s Stock Takes Big Hit After Phelps Controversy,” Feb. 24, 2009, DRCNet Chronicle. In 2008, I made a bold (and probably… Continue reading The burgeoning fist of the marijuana movement