Online Only – Letter: CPL de-sanctioned

By Sandra Braun

Well, what to say [“Pro-lifers lose club status,” Katy Anderson, Feb. 12, 2009]? This is exactly why I moved away from Canada to attend university in the United States 20 years ago and why I continue to live here today as a dual citizen.

I am saddened, but not surprised, that University of Calgary faces these problems. The bottom line is, Canada does not have freedom of speech. However you choose to wrap this situation up, dress it up, colour it up, try to frame it or attempt to focus on some meaningless technicality, whenever anyone is silenced because his/her viewpoint is not popular, not in the majority or unwelcomed it is speech restriction due to viewpoint discrimination. And Canada is notorious about it.

If this is a viewpoint that cannot win in the marketplace of ideas, then let it die its own death. Administrators and governing bodies don’t abuse your power to promote your own personal preferences, you are a public university. If you want to promote/endorse particular views, then go private.

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