The fantastic folly of Bill 44

We revered our grade four teacher. He was an ex-prison guard with a serene and sturdy character. He easily commanded the respect of a room full of 10-year olds. There were, however, a few days when his no nonsense demeanor evaporated and strange overheads provoked our classroom into uncomfortable silences. This awkwardness was always preceded… Continue reading The fantastic folly of Bill 44

Editorial: Obama unveils a bonafide legal nightmare

Some claim the American Dream died long ago; last week president Barack Obama delivered a speech that outlined the violent end of the American Soul. Standing at a podium in the National Archives- which houses the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights- Obama’s voice echoed out his administration’s plans to enable,… Continue reading Editorial: Obama unveils a bonafide legal nightmare

SU approves new accountability agreement

The 67th Students’ Union has approved a new and “exciting” — a word consistently, and perhaps ironically, used at all SU meetings — Executive Accountability Agreement. In compliance with various SU bylaws, the document contains rules governing official office hours. It states the executive must “post and maintain regular office hours and ensure that they… Continue reading SU approves new accountability agreement

Arts amalgamation passes

It’s official, baret-wearing English majors will be grouped in with calculator-carrying economists starting April 1. Well, almost. The highest governing academic body at the University of Calgary, the General Faculties Council, voted to approve the amalgamation of the social sciences, communication and culture, humanities and fine arts faculties into one arts faculty — a model… Continue reading Arts amalgamation passes

Spun: Lady Sovereign

British grime MC Lady Sovereign is back with her second album, Jigsaw. Much more melodic than 2006’s Public Warning, Jigsaw lacks the clever-yet-abrasive vocals of Sovereign’s prior effort, leaving what is in all respects a merely average hip-hop album. That’s not to say it’s all bad. “Student Union” brings back some of what made her… Continue reading Spun: Lady Sovereign

Spun: Pet Shop Boys

The Pet Shop Boys have been making clever pop albums that balance searing wit with fey, Euro-trash dance music sensibilities for nearly 25 years without a misstep. Thankfully, they continue that trend with their latest LP, Yes, which holds to the tried and true Pet Shop Boys tropes — fashion, style, wealth and love. “Love… Continue reading Spun: Pet Shop Boys