Survey: boylove

Sometimes it feels most natural to let the issues speak for themselves. When it comes to our society’s organized subculture of pedophillia (“boylovers”), the most compelling voices are the ones closest to the source. This week we bring you five unconventional views on the idea of boylove. The opinions presented here are certainly not mainstream,… Continue reading Survey: boylove

Film Review: Stupid Violence

People expect trailers to be misleading – after all, they’re designed to get you into the theatre. This is probably why the preview for David Cronenberg’s A History of Violence was made to look like an intelligent thriller about a small town man with a dark past and a knack for murder. What it wasn’t… Continue reading Film Review: Stupid Violence

Music Interview: Honens makes piano cool

Classical piano performances don’t usually inspire a great deal of excitement, but Calgary has an organization determined to change this. The Calgary Honens International Piano Competition was founded in 1992 by Esther Honens. Instead of acting as a regular competition though, Honens is more of a festival of music. As a warm-up to the fifth… Continue reading Music Interview: Honens makes piano cool

Festival Review: This Beggar’s Portrait

Pierre Tetrault paints an intimate portrait of schizophrenia in This Beggar’s Description, following the life of his own brother, Phil Tetrault. The film retraces Phil’s bouts with insanity as well as his poignant stints of clarity. Throughout the film, Tetrault avoids thoroughly exploring his own relationship with his brother, opting instead to play the role… Continue reading Festival Review: This Beggar’s Portrait

Festival Review: War Hospital

Picture a war. Helicopters drone, bombs fall and napalm sears. Gunfire permanently penetrates the air. Fires rage. Smoke suffocates. Corpses litter the ground, and blood pours from bodies riddled with bullets.What you’re probably not picturing is a hospital. Most of the images of war we see exclude those of treatment and recovery. Filmmakers David Christensen… Continue reading Festival Review: War Hospital

Film Scoop: Film Fest magic

Your Jetta glides gracefully into the vacant parking stall. Your friends spill out of the car and make their way towards the mall. Pulling open the doors, you step into a world of gaudiness. Neon lights flash from every direction, posters battle one another for your attention, and above you an animatronic dragon spews billows… Continue reading Film Scoop: Film Fest magic

Art Preview: The new Newspaper

‘”A lot of what I bring to this project straddles the line between art and writing,” says Beaulieu. “It offers a bridge between literary and visual art.”The Newspaper is a series of 124 paintings inspired by a single issue of the Calgary Herald. The acrylic paintings were done on sheets of 26′ by 14′ paper,… Continue reading Art Preview: The new Newspaper