Music Interview: Black Dice get noisy

By Peter Hemminger

I really like to just listen to records at my house and figure out where they’re coming from,” confides Black Dice’s Aaron Warren. “That includes our records too. I’ll put it next to something else and just see how it fits with that stuff.” It’s a sentiment most music fans can share. A well-made record… Continue reading Music Interview: Black Dice get noisy

Magic missile for life

By Logan McClaws

Most hobbies are like a moped: they’re fun until your friends find out. They have their initial flare but can’t keep your attention for much more than a few hours. Regardless, the inevitable truth remains: with hobbies come fads. The infamous Pokemon (admit it: you still have a box in your closet), the unforgettable Pogs… Continue reading Magic missile for life

Put the ladies on ice

By Andrea Poupart

This year’s Dinos women’s hockey team is looking at more change than a condom dispenser in rez. Last year’s assistant coach, Dean Holden, has taken over the head coach position and is excited about the upcoming year. With only nine returning players and a greater commitment to off-ice training, it’s going to be a whole… Continue reading Put the ladies on ice

We built it, they’re coming, but are we ready?

By Katie Hobday

The Dinos field hockey team began their regular season Sept. 23-25, and are off to a decent start. With two losses and a tie at this first Canada West tournament at the University of Alberta, the Dinos are quickly identifying their strengths and weaknesses. “We ended up third out of four teams in Canada West,”… Continue reading We built it, they’re coming, but are we ready?

Volleysaurs bring winning back into style

By Sean Nyilassy

Like Andre Agassi playing tennis against a Care Bear, the Dinos women’s volleyball team have proven they still have what it takes at a tournament in Regina Sept. 23-25. Not only were they the eventual winners, but the girls also went undefeated, losing only four sets in five matches. This would be no feat for… Continue reading Volleysaurs bring winning back into style

Hello? Hockey?

By Sean Nyilassy

We’re all human here at the University of Calgary. The return of the NHL has touched us all–saving some of us from touching ourselves. And even though pre-season didn’t used to be this exciting, this year it has been a distraction big enough for your girlfriend to overlook the fact that the ring you proposed… Continue reading Hello? Hockey?

Close call

By Britany Bingham

How many Dinos does it take to screw a Ram? Only one: Steve Hughes.The Dinos traveled to the hell hole known as southern Saskatchewan Sat., Sept. 24 to fight the University of Regina Rams. After a hard-fought battle, the Dinos claimed victory.This game was just the third time the Dinos have visited the Rams since… Continue reading Close call