CJSW learns from the best

By Vianne Fung

Listeners of campus radio station CJSW can now wake up to the voices of seasoned CBC broadcasters. CJSW has joined hands with CBC radio staff for a weekly morning news program which began in August. Aptly re-titled Locked Out, the program is temporarily replacing CJSW’s Local Revolutions to cover news highlights and in-depth stories on… Continue reading CJSW learns from the best

Literary talent comes to U of C

By Katherine Fletcher

The University of Calgary is well known for its innovative research in science and technology, but the school also fosters a creative and artistic environment, thanks in part to the Markin-Flanagan Distinguished Writers Programme. Established in 1993, the program aims to further the careers of writers and enrich the local literary community through two annual… Continue reading Literary talent comes to U of C

Harry Chase on education

By Emily Senger

Students, professors and faculty told the Klein government what they thought of the state of post-secondary education in Alberta in the election last April. Proposed budget cuts of five per cent per year for each faculty, crowded classrooms and annual tuition increases prompted students to elect three Liberal MLAs in the ridings surrounding the University… Continue reading Harry Chase on education

Gas prices could kill your freedom

By Emily Senger

Paying at the pump is going to become more difficult for students in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which has taken out approximately 20 per cent of the United States’ refining capacity. The record high gas prices are encouraging students to park their SUVs and examine more affordable ways to make the campus commute.“With fallout… Continue reading Gas prices could kill your freedom

Tuition up, but not too much

By Chris Beauchamp

Canadian undergraduate stud-ents are facing the smallest tuition increase in a quarter-century, according to a recent Statistics Canada report. However, student groups argue that even a small increase is a step in the wrong direction. “At first glance it’s something that looks positive compared to years before,” said Canadian Alliance of Student Associations National Director… Continue reading Tuition up, but not too much

Alberta students push back

By Chris Beauchamp

Student groups from across the province are banding together to stress the importance of post-secondary education. The students’ associations from the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta and the University of Lethbridge launched simultaneous press conferences on their respective campuses Tue., Sep. 6 to highlight their concerns about the ongoing provincial review of PSE.“Our… Continue reading Alberta students push back