SU report Card: VP academic Paige Forsyth

Paige Forsyth is compassionate, approachable and professional–qualities necessary for the VP in charge of dealing with the not so glamorous student issues of academic probation and appeals. Her demeanor has received accolades from everyone she works with. Commissioners, faculty reps, SU staff and other execs have nothing but praise for Forsyth and her accomplishments over… Continue reading SU report Card: VP academic Paige Forsyth

Su Report Card: VP op/fi Joel Lockwood

Between budgets, operating agreements and the ongoing MacEwan Student Centre redevelopments, Joel Lockwood’s VP op-fi portfolio requires a shrewd negotiator who is able to be business-savvy without forgetting the needs of students. For the most part, Lockwood has met these requirements. Lockwood self-admittedly faced a steep learning curve coming into his position. As a kinesiology… Continue reading Su Report Card: VP op/fi Joel Lockwood

SU Report Card: VP external Jen Smith

Undeniably, Jen Smith has strong convictions. Unfortunately, Smith has proven unable to put aside her strong beliefs to diplomatically compromise on problems between her and her commission, SU staff, university administration and even government officials. Earlier this year, Smith faced a barrage of charges from her SU colleagues for her inability to play nice with… Continue reading SU Report Card: VP external Jen Smith

SU Report Card: President Bryan West

Students’ Union president-elect Emily Wyatt will have some big shoes to fill as Bryan West steps down after two years running the SU. West has brought a high degree of professionalism and competence to the SU and it has gained him the respect of SU staff, his fellow student reps, external post-secondary stakeholders and university… Continue reading SU Report Card: President Bryan West

Renaissance Man

Dr. David Whitmore has lectured and researched at the U of C for over 20 years. Besides being one of our university’s most respected thinkers, Dr. Whitmore was a pioneer in the field of feminist economics. Last week, he graciously agreed to spend some time with features editor RG Scherf and speak about everything from… Continue reading Renaissance Man

Homeless people warm my heart

An adventurer, gatherer, fighter and overall powerful individual perfectly describes a man that many don’t know about. The legacy of a man we will just call Bob for now, shall live on for decades to come, enriching our understanding of how we accept people in our world. Whether he greeted you with a handshake, funny… Continue reading Homeless people warm my heart

New recruits announced

The Dinos men’s volleyball team’s head coach Greg Ryan has announced that two promising recruits have committed to the Dinos for the 2006-07 season. David Egan and Mike Ruus will begin to appear with the Dinos in the fall.Egan, a six-foot-five graduate of James Fowler High School will join the ranks as a middle blocker… Continue reading New recruits announced