SU report Card: VP academic Paige Forsyth

Paige Forsyth is compassionate, approachable and professional–qualities necessary for the VP in charge of dealing with the not so glamorous student issues of academic probation and appeals. Her demeanor has received accolades from everyone she works with. Commissioners, faculty reps, SU staff and other execs have nothing but praise for Forsyth and her accomplishments over the term.

Forsyth has used this professionalism to totally reorganize the Students’ Academic Assembly by paring its meetings down to every other week and focusing on a project-based approach. Her initiative transformed SAA from an ineffective site for senseless bickering into a more viable body. The results of these transformations can be seen in faculty rep projects–like the recent endowment of quality money to the faculty of fine arts and the newly created bachelor of health sciences scholarships. Her commission has also successfully taken the former President’s Challenge over from administration, created the pre-exam de-stress days and revamped the academic fair.

Despite her niceness, Forsyth isn’t afraid to make her voice heard when it counts. As the student rep on numerous university committees, she provides a voice for students even though it would be easier to sit back and relax. Forsyth isn’t afraid to tackle tough issues like re-working the USRIs, and while this issue isn’t solved yet, Forsyth’s headway will benefit incoming VP Shannon O’Connor.

If there is fault to be found with Forsyth it is that she often spreads herself too thin–a crime she readily admits to. As a result, some of her campaign promises–like the creation of an online exam bank–will be left unfulfilled because while Forsyth was busy making use of her commissioners and faculty reps, her own projects fell to the wayside.

Overall, Forsyth can be proud of her accomplishments. Over the past year she’s developed her own brand of leadership and it’s made her one of the most successful VP academics in years.

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