Northern Sprites: Nothing like a little friendly competition

If you ask almost any Canadian how they feel about their country’s phone companies, you probably won’t receive a very positive answer. People are painfully aware that the Big Three Canadian telecommunication companies — Bell, Rogers and Telus — have notoriously overcharged Canadians for cellphone services. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development… Continue reading Northern Sprites: Nothing like a little friendly competition

News round up: July 30, 2013

U of C scientists build satellite technology University of Calgary scientists in the departments of physics and astronomy began working with the European Space Agency this week on satellite instruments that will be used to measure the Earth’s magnetic field. The instruments will be placed on satellites for the ESA’s Swarm mission, which will attempt,… Continue reading News round up: July 30, 2013

Appendicitis linked to smog

Next time you draw a breath downtown, know that it might cause one of your organs to burst. A recent study led by University of Calgary researcher Gil Kaplan uncovered a link between the ozone found in smog and perforated appendicitis — the medical term used to describe a ruptured appendix. The study was done… Continue reading Appendicitis linked to smog

‘The old songs are the best songs’

Blind Boy Paxton is a musician of a different era. Paxton plays old-style blues, folk and jazz music highly influenced by traditional southern United States blues. He plays old songs from “the folks” as he describes it, stressing the role of tradition and storytelling in his choice of songs. Despite his southern charms, Paxton grew… Continue reading ‘The old songs are the best songs’

Democracy has never worked first try

Before 2011, Egyptians lived for over 30 years under the tyrannical rule of Hosni Mubarak. In January 2011, people began filling the streets demanding revolution, with the centre of the protests taking place in Tahir Square in Cairo. After a month of conflict between the government and the Egyptian people, Mubarak resigned. The country held… Continue reading Democracy has never worked first try

An ancient mystery solved

A pair of University of Calgary paleontologists may have solved one of the ancient world’s biggest mysteries. With research published earlier this month in the science journal PLOS ONE, Jordan Mallon and Jason Anderson have given a new answer to a difficult question: how were numerous species of large herbivorous dinosaurs able to co-exist in… Continue reading An ancient mystery solved