Discussion of sexual assault still needs work

The language we use to discuss sexual violence needs to change. Removing stigma overnight is impossible, but changing the way we discuss sexual assault is a positive step. On campus, thanks to the Consent Awareness and Sexual Education club and the Students’ Union, security alerts issued by Campus Security now include a disclaimer stating that… Continue reading Discussion of sexual assault still needs work

Tolerate unbearable young people

Calgary doesn’t get political very often. Any opinion that diverges from conventional thought is greeted with apathy or irritation. Even university students, who are supposedly all radical leftists, don’t get angry about much these days. The opportunity to explore politics and activism in university is unique. At its best, student activism has the ability to… Continue reading Tolerate unbearable young people

Discontent must be directed

The protest organized against Israel’s actions in Gaza by University of Calgary students last Friday drew an interesting mix of people. A group of young men paced up and down Macleod Trail, stopping only to say their evening prayers. Parents held children with one hand and signs reading “Free Palestine” in the other. Academics and… Continue reading Discontent must be directed

Stop staying silent on divisive issues

Talk of the Israel-Palestine conflict has consumed public discourse over the past couple weeks. Escalating violence airs on every news network. Pundits have weighed in across the political spectrum. Hashtags like #IsraelUnderAttack and #FreePalestine are constantly trending on twitter. In Calgary, the debate has already started. Hundreds gathered outside City Hall last Friday to protest… Continue reading Stop staying silent on divisive issues

Calgary outgrows the cowboy stereotype

When I made the decision to move from Vancouver to Calgary, reactions from my friends ranged from “why?” to “my condolences.” There’s still a perception of Calgary as a hyper-conservative and culturally-void cowboy hub. It’s easy to dismiss Calgary as inferior to cities like Vancouver or Montreal. Calgary doesn’t have great sushi. Or oceans. Or… Continue reading Calgary outgrows the cowboy stereotype

Don’t forget who’s behind budget cuts

Students know Thomas Lukaszuk as the face of the 2013 post-secondary budget cuts. Now he’s running for leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party and he wants the student vote. When the Gauntlet interviewed Lukaszuk last week, he used the $50 million that was put back into the post-secondary budget eight months after the initial cuts… Continue reading Don’t forget who’s behind budget cuts

Students need to start asking the right questions

Market modifiers are a touchy topic on Alberta’s post-secondary campuses. If you’ve never heard of them, market modifiers are extra fees charged for degrees considered more valuable than others.For example, administration at the University of Calgary think a bachelor’s degree in commerce is worth more on the job market than, say, a bachelor of arts,… Continue reading Students need to start asking the right questions

Parting shots from the EIC

Gauntlet tradition states that the last editorial of the year is written by the outgoing Editor-in-Chief. I’ve been a student here for four years. Sometimes I feel like I’m not learning anything in my classes, but I’m a different person than the scared 20 year old who walked into the Gauntlet office in September 2010… Continue reading Parting shots from the EIC