Ten years of wearing art

Every year, the Alberta College of Art and Design hosts its very own wearable art performance/fashion show in its main mall. This year, the show’s 10th anniversary, promises to be the best ever. Georgia Lee, one of three ArtaWEARness coordinators, gives some insight into this year’s performance and the history of the great event. “ArtaWEARness… Continue reading Ten years of wearing art

The bittersweet Olympics

The 2010 Olympics should not happen. At least that was my first thought regarding this year’s Winter Games, but that didn’t stop me from jumping at the chance to go when I was offered a free flight and accommodations- I mean who wouldn’t . . . right? Once in Vancouver, it’s hard not to get… Continue reading The bittersweet Olympics

Canada gets pwned on the podium

The Canadian Olympic Committee headed into the 2010 Vancouver games with high hopes. After utter disappointment in the medal standings at the 1976 Montreal summer games and the 1988 Calgary winter games, the COC took the bull by the horns after the announcement of Vancouver as host — boldly claiming that Canada would own the… Continue reading Canada gets pwned on the podium

Ploughboy closes after eight years on campus

After eight years of business, Ploughboy — an independent baked goods and coffee shop in the University of Calgary’s ICT Building — has closed its doors following the university’s decision not to grant the business a new lease. “We’re all really distressed with the decision as there’s no other explanation given,” said Ploughboy owner Garry… Continue reading Ploughboy closes after eight years on campus