Spun: The Salads

In the delightful world of salad dressing there are many magnificent flavours. There’s the scrumptious Italian, the sensational Catalina and the fine French. Then there’s ranch. Ranch doesn’t deserve an adjective like other salad dressings, as it doesn’t reach nearly the same heights, nor does it cause the same flavour explosion as any of its… Continue reading Spun: The Salads

Spun: Buckcherry

Everything old is new again. 15, the third album from L.A.-based rockers Buckcherry (and first since the band’s 2005 reformation), is a tribute to the band’s influences and progenitors in the sleaze-rock genre. Despite the high energy infused into the disc by each of the five members, 15 ultimately doesn’t amount to the sum of… Continue reading Spun: Buckcherry

Spun: Jurassic 5

While there’s actually six members in the crew, Jurassic 5 is living proof making a good rap album has almost no correlation to math skills. Debuting in 1998, J5 hit the hip-hop scene with sweeping melodies, deep lyrics and soulful delivery that had them compared with artists such as Mos Def, the Pharcyde and Blackalicious.… Continue reading Spun: Jurassic 5

Spun: Mobile

The latest trend in indie music has been the blending of punk sensibilities with electronic flourishes, dubbed “dance-punk” by music critics and “music that girls can dance to” by genre forerunners Franz Ferdinand. Canadian bands have joined the fray, with groups like Metric & Hot Hot Heat attempting to carve out a niche in the… Continue reading Spun: Mobile

Fighting Snakes on a Plane

Acting is one of the finest careers in the world. To become a paid actor is a labour of love, endurance and tenacity–few posses all three. For years, the stereotype of the neophyte actor supporting themselves by working as a server or a barista has endured. Now, that image can be put to rest with… Continue reading Fighting Snakes on a Plane

Letter: Smoking sucks elsewhere, too

Editor, the Gauntlet, [Re: “City HallĀ­–Still Smoking the Cigarettes,” editorial, July 20, 2006] Well done with your editorial from an Australian living in Sweden where smoking has been banned indoors for more than a year. Oh sweet scandanavian air! I will not even consider returning to my hometown Melbourne until it falls into line behind… Continue reading Letter: Smoking sucks elsewhere, too

Letter: Give us clean air or give us death

Editor, the Gauntlet, [Re: “City Hall–Still Smoking the Cigarettes,” editorial, July 20, 2006] I applaud the Gauntlet‘s position on anti-smoking bylaws. Non-smokers should not be subjected to second-hand smoke with its carcinogenic, asthma-inducing [qualities], and other adverse effects on health. I would like to hear more about your opinion on air pollution in Calgary that… Continue reading Letter: Give us clean air or give us death