Spun: Buckcherry

Everything old is new again. 15, the third album from L.A.-based rockers Buckcherry (and first since the band’s 2005 reformation), is a tribute to the band’s influences and progenitors in the sleaze-rock genre. Despite the high energy infused into the disc by each of the five members, 15 ultimately doesn’t amount to the sum of its parts.

The music in-and-of itself is mostly good, and occasionally verges on excellent. The deal-breaker is the lyrics, written mainly by frontman Josh Todd. “Crazy Bitch” exemplifies everything wrong with the album. The music is catchy and fun, but the lyrics are either stupid or borderline-offensive, depending on your stance on women’s lib. Lyrics like “Hey, you’re a crazy bitch, but you fuck so good, I’m on top of it / You’re crazy, but I like the way you fuck me” almost criticize themselves.

The rest of the album is good enough for government work, with inoffensive but bland lyrics that never utilize the energy brought to plate by the band. After the reformation of Buckcherry, 15 represents a new chapter in their story. Perhaps it’s time to close the book and walk away.

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