The chase for the cup

By Jon Roe

The east This is either the most predictable first round of the playoffs ever, or everyone is underestimating the bottom four teams in the east. I prefer to think along the lines of the former, because with the exception of Philadelphia, I have no faith in Ottawa, Montreal or Boston. [1] Washington vs. [8] Montreal… Continue reading The chase for the cup

Year in review: banner year for the Dinos

By Jon Roe

The Dinos had a fantastic 2009-10 season, capturing three Canadian Interuniversity Sport titles. It was the second best year in Dinos history, behind only 1989, a season in which they captured five national titles. The University of Calgary was tops in the country in swimming, both men’s and women’s, and men’s volleyball. Following a Canada… Continue reading Year in review: banner year for the Dinos

Spun: Jeff Healey

By Kenzie Love

This posthumous release from guitarist/vocalist Jeff Healey is a pleasantly upbeat 14 song collection of 1920s and 1930s swinging jazz numbers. While most listeners know Healey as a blues rock guitar player, he did form the Jazz Wizards in 2002 and recorded three swing albums with them by 2006, playing trumpet and guitar. It’s no… Continue reading Spun: Jeff Healey

Spun: Maurice

By Alicia Ward

Young People With Faces is a very likable, easy to listen to album, overflowing with multi-talented musicians. Maurice is catchy and although their album does not make you want to head bob or dance, they create excellent driving or winding down music. Be ready to listen to this 13-track album again and again. One of… Continue reading Spun: Maurice

Spun: Chris Gheran

By Susan Park

On first listen, something may appear a bit off with Coup d’etat. It is only after checking the lyrics that it becomes apparent — a lot of these songs don’t rhyme. Stripped of his backing band The Graveyard Gang, local Calgarian Chris Gheran’s sparse second album is almost entirely a solo effort — often just… Continue reading Spun: Chris Gheran

Keith and Renee make Detours to Kenya

By Sydney Stokoe

It doesn’t matter where people start, paths change and often lead to in interesting places. Winnipeg-based pop-rock duo Keith and Renee know all about it. With their fourth album, Detours, released April 16 on Easily Amused Music, the pair have proved that changing paths is what life is all about. Having moved away from the… Continue reading Keith and Renee make Detours to Kenya

Crackerjack mystery potentially marred

By Jordyn Marcellus

Mystery films haven’t been consistently enjoyable since the days of film noir. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo offers a modern re-interpretation of the genre, keeping the red herrings and fake-outs that make it so great but give it a much-needed update. Unfortunately, the film may leave a sour taste in many audiences’ mouths due… Continue reading Crackerjack mystery potentially marred

Indie comic creator explores his own past through comics

By Richard Lam

It’s no secret how Jeffrey Brown lost his virginity. Described in minute detail with sensitive hand-scribbled drawings, Brown’s second book, Unlikely, tracks his relationship with first girlfriend Allisyn from awkward beginning to eventual end. It is his fascination with the little things in life and relationships that make up the core of his autobiographical comics.… Continue reading Indie comic creator explores his own past through comics