More than a ribbon

By Melanie McNaughton

On Dec. 6, 1989 Marc Lepine stalked the halls of L’Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal muttering sexist epithets. He murdered 14 women that day because he felt that they were taking away places that rightfully belonged to men. Recently, I heard these events referred to as the actions of “one idiot with a gun.” In our… Continue reading More than a ribbon

My penis, my world

By Collin Gallant

The human body is beautiful. So is a meter-long penis as thick as a can of Chunky soup. Don’t worry good reader, all will be explained.A new Puritanism has set in, best exemplified by seemingly unrelated stories that have appeared in the news this past week. This new Puritanism plays upon the most ugly and… Continue reading My penis, my world

U of C Confidential

By Robert Granger

On Nov. 19, the University of Calgary announced the opening of a Workplace Learning Research Unit. The WLRU is one of three such research units in the world, and is the first in Canada. Australia and England are home to others.The WLRU’s mission statement is "to create, critique, and disseminate knowledge that will advance our… Continue reading U of C Confidential

10th annual food drive

By Russell Catt

As you walk down the halls of campus buildings, you may start hearing a certain jingle-jangle sound. Is it the sound of sleighbells? No, it’s the sound of cash being donated the 10th annual Holiday Food Drive."The use of the Campus Food Bank is growing every year," said Students’ Union External Commissioner Robert South. "Last… Continue reading 10th annual food drive

U of C Confidential

By Robert Granger

According to some students, the new teacher evaluation forms don’t make the grade.The familiar red and white bubble sheet, dubbed "Universal Student Ratings of Instruction Instrument," was administered by the university for the first time this semester. What was supposed to be a straightforward and uncomplicated method of rating instructors has vexed some pupils. Discontent… Continue reading U of C Confidential

Deeper and deeper:

By Tom Zielinski

Another winless weekend for the University of Calgary men’s basketball team. Yikes! The Dinos dropped two games while visiting the University of British Columbia last weekend, losing the first 71-52 and the second 64-61."We played well Saturday. We did not play well Friday," said Head Coach Cory Russell in response to his team’s losses over… Continue reading Deeper and deeper:

Midnight move on #1

By Chris Johns

Fans of the University of Calgary men’s volleyball team are a pretty die-hard group. After all, they stayed until just after midnight on Saturday, hoping to see the Dinosaurs win. On Friday, the team gave fans plenty to cheer about. But was anything settled in the battle for number one?On a weekend when the top… Continue reading Midnight move on #1

And the award for best misdirector goes to…

By Ben Perrin

In a frantic attempt to meet the Academy Awards deadline for best picture and beat out Saving Private Ryan, some really horrible sequels are being rushed in under the wire this week. Pathetic attempts to rehash already bad movies, with even worse sequels, are causing movie-goers to roll their eyes as they gear up for… Continue reading And the award for best misdirector goes to…