Post-Secondary Bill criticized

By Natalie Sit

The new Post-Secondary Learning Bill could change how students’ unions operate. The current wording leads some to believe the Alberta government and boards of governors will have too much power over students’ unions. "It centralizes the government’s control over students’ unions if the bill is enacted," said Alberta Liberal Learning Critic Don Massey. "It’s really… Continue reading Post-Secondary Bill criticized

New Health Services by fall

By Natalie Sit

By September, students will see a Health Services run by a community health provider rather than the university. The University of Calgary is awaiting proposals from several shortlisted candidates that will expand on the providers’ ideas. Associate Vice-President Student Affairs Peggy Patterson dismissed rumours the university was outsourcing Health Services to a walk-in clinic. The… Continue reading New Health Services by fall

No cable for you

By Natalie Sit

Usually the Berenstein Bears don’t show up on NUTV’s Closed Circuit. But due to Com/Media installing new amplifiers, channel 17’s signal was no longer blocked, replacing NUTV’s programming with Treehouse shows briefly July 29. Com/Media technician Don Campbell expects to see NUTV interrupted once more, along with cable interruptions in University of Calgary residences starting… Continue reading No cable for you

The lonesome summer blues

By Dale Miller

In the summer, the U of C’s sports scene is like a Yukon shanty town after the gold rush–deserted, lonely and boring. I’d like to write about interesting things but time and time again I find myself looking for that golden nugget and coming up just short. Potential sports writers and student athletes please understand… Continue reading The lonesome summer blues

No Caribbean holiday

By Lawrence Bailey

As nice as the weather has been in Calgary, a pair of Dinos are more than happy to be in sunny Santo Domingo instead. Chad Murray and Erin Gammel, both members of the Dinos swim team, will be sporting maple leafs and representing Canada at the Pan-American Games, beginning Aug. 1 in the capital of… Continue reading No Caribbean holiday


By Kirstin Morrell

Closure’s debut CD is like cream of wheat. It’s good, it’s filling, but it’s not all that exciting. This pop rock CD is perfect for those occasions when four people in a car can’t agree on what to listen to, since there’s nothing on this disc that anyone could disagree with. Their slickly-produced guitar riffs… Continue reading Closure