Soca Gold 2003

By Jeff Kubik

As Entertainment editor, it is my responsibility to ensure that my section provides you, the reader, with the most objective, useful information possible. You deserve to know, for instance, that Soca Gold 2003 sounds like some underpaid DJ’s desperate call for help. You also deserve to know that the album is so utterly full of… Continue reading Soca Gold 2003

Gang Starr

By Lawrence Bailey

Fourteen years later, DJ Premier is still a trendsetter. Gang Starr’s better half is a legend, and along with Guru, he’s elevated this crew to near legendary status in its own right. The Ownerz is yet another chapter, brimming with the intelligence, diversity and sick beats we’ve come to expect. Showcasing Premier’s skills and boasting… Continue reading Gang Starr

Biting words from ivory towers

By Jeff Kubik

Now playing: "…a bloated, unpleasant assembly-line extrusion." –Roger Ebert, Chicago Tribune "…so infuriatingly bad that I honestly wanted to spit on the screen." –Scott Weinberg, eFilmCritic.Com "…as bloated and fatuous as their [Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay] previous efforts." –Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald In its opening weekend, Jerry Bruckheimer’s Bad Boys II took in over… Continue reading Biting words from ivory towers

Dangerous hypocrisy

By Lawrence Bailey

So, the United States wanted to prove once and for all that they killed Saddam Hussein’s sons–or “henchmen” to use their nomenclature. In order to prove this, they apparently needed to release graphic photos of their bullet-ridden, mutilated corpses across Iraq and North America. The media welcomed this, they ate it up and many people… Continue reading Dangerous hypocrisy

Folk Fest – Meaning in Diversity

By James Keller

As the Calgary Folk Music Festival solicits ticket sales, books artists and ultimately throws Calgary’s largest and most significant annual music event, it uses the word “folk” very loosely. Even the performers you could confidently point to as decidedly folk often elude a common thread or theme, a sound that would tie them together. In… Continue reading Folk Fest – Meaning in Diversity

Folk Fest

By Lawrence Bailey

It’s all about harmony. Regardless of whether the men and women on stage can actually carry a tune, the harmony of the patrons is one of the things that makes the Calgary Folk Music Festival so magical. Where else can your gaze drift from a pair of sixtysomething Southern Alberta ranchers to a twentysomething hippy… Continue reading Folk Fest

Folk Fest – Day by Day

By Lawrence Bailey

If the mainstage acts attract people to the festival, the weekend workshops bring them back. The concept? Throw several artists–connected by often ambiguous themes–on stage and see what happens. The results vary considerably, with the rigid turn-taking that was "Not Your Grandmother’s Folk," to the sometimes full-out jam that became of "Bringing in the News… Continue reading Folk Fest – Day by Day