Folk Fest – Day by Day

Peter Garbiel. U2. Bob Dylan. These are just some of the many names in modern music to which Daniel Lanois has lent his masterful skill as a producer. The sound of this influence was never clearer than when Lanois took the stage Friday night.

Armed with a ruby-red and white electric guitar and a barrage of trademark Marshall amps behind him, Lanois played an almost entirely electric set. With only a small break to delve into the world of folk (because, he acknowledged, this was a folk festival after all), his hour-long set was full of haunting riffs, piercing feedback and driven vocals.

A fitting end to an evening distinguished by how different the featured artists were from each other.

From the elegant sounds of Jane Siberry, to the Afro-funk beats of Alpha Yaya Diallo, to the eclectic fiddling of the Bill Hilly Band, the night could have meandered anywhere–and, thankfully, it did.

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