Restaurants going green

Eco Dine is a free environmental certification project for restaurants in Calgary started by University of Calgary students. The group certifies restaurants based on their environmental practices and educates them on effective green practices.
 By helping restaurants go eco- friendly, Eco Dine has reduced waste costs by up to 40 per cent.
 The program examines… Continue reading Restaurants going green

Future of MacHall up for grabs

The Students’ Union’s current MacEwan Student Centre lease agreement with the University of Calgary will expire in December 2014. The process to renegotiate the agreement is set to start within the next few months.
 The almost 15-year-old lease divides up space and management responsibilities in the building, which is owned by the university but operated… Continue reading Future of MacHall up for grabs

Reclaiming the ‘F’ word

“Who Needs Feminism?” is a new initiative at the University of Calgary that works to break negative stereotypes surrounding feminism.
 Who Needs Feminism? was started at Duke University in North Carolina in 2012 to reclaim the word ‘feminism’ and proliferate its message of equality. The U of C Women’s Resource Centre started the campaign at… Continue reading Reclaiming the ‘F’ word