Flanagan under fire

By Riley Hill

University of Calgary professor Tom Flanagan has had a tough week after being widely condemned for comments he made about child pornography on Feb. 27. 
 During a speech at the University of Lethbridge, an audience member asked Flanagan about comments he made in 2009 describing child pornography as “just pictures.” Flanagan defended his original… Continue reading Flanagan under fire

Qatar nursing offers unique opportunities

By Farah Kammourieh

The University of Calgary campus in Qatar is expanding its international profile. UCQ has grown considerably since its inception in 2007 and shows no signs of slowing down. 
 UCQ offers bachelor’s and graduate degrees in nursing, as well as an exchange program with U of C nursing students in Calgary.
 “There are hopes to… Continue reading Qatar nursing offers unique opportunities

Textbook prices under examination

By Fabian Mayer

The cost of post-secondary education in Canada is constantly rising. Along with tuition and other fees, students must buy textbooks, which can cost hundreds of dollars each semester.
 Textbook publishing is a big business. What students may not realize is how professors interact with large publishing firms to determine which textbooks to use. Every year,… Continue reading Textbook prices under examination