Editorial: Emergency Medical Services are essential, silly!

City paramedics went on and off strike this week as a result of frustrated negotiations with city hall, prompting an emergency plan that might have made the ambulances less than legal. While both parties came to an agreement on most points, a rift remains on the issue of salary increases. The Canadian Union of Public… Continue reading Editorial: Emergency Medical Services are essential, silly!

Development threatens Bow River

Alberta is often recognized for its booming oil and gas industry, but praises for the most important natural resource of all will have to wait. According to the government of Alberta’s 2006-07 Measuring Up Report, released Thu., Jun. 28, only two of Alberta’s six river systems were rated “good” to “excellent” on the province’s river… Continue reading Development threatens Bow River

Kids take over campus!

The University of Calgary hosted a meeting of some of the brightest minds around Calgary last week. It wasn’t a professional or research convention, it was a summer camp for gifted kids grades two through nine. The U of C’s Centre for Gifted Education held it’s 19th annual SUCCESS Summer Camp July 9-20. The centre… Continue reading Kids take over campus!

Four days of sun, fun and folk

It seems so long ago that the Calgary Folk Club partnered with the Alberta government to present what was then called the Traveling Folk Festival and Goodtime Medicine Show to commemorate the province’s 75th birthday. That festival quickly became an annual event and 27 installments later, the Calgary Folk Music Festival stands as one of… Continue reading Four days of sun, fun and folk

Film Review: Learning tolerence from intolerance

The Cannes Film Festival has come and gone and golden Oscar has been put away until next spring. With the masses taking refuge in air conditioned cineplexes, summer movie mania is going full tilt. Films released during this season tend to weigh light on complex story lines and deep, compelling characters, instead going for visceral… Continue reading Film Review: Learning tolerence from intolerance

A movie to A-D’oh-re

On December 17, 1989, an animated short from the Tracey Ullman Show debuted as a half-hour animated sitcom following three seasons as a recurring feature on the program. Featuring the adventures of dim-witted nuclear technician Homer Simpson, his wife Marge and their children Bart, Lisa and Maggie, the Simpsons became a huge hit. Nearly two… Continue reading A movie to A-D’oh-re