Photo to the Editor: Let there be light

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Online Exclusive: Halloween is totally awesome

By Christina Liam

When money, logic, and Lululemon have a stranglehold on the majority of Canadians, it’s rare to find a holiday that freely celebrates man’s irrationality and wanton need for irreverence. Enter Halloween, the least legitimate of the calendar’s holidays-right up there with Arbor Day and National Secretary’s Day. But, according to a University of Calgary professor,… Continue reading Online Exclusive: Halloween is totally awesome

Sidebar: Vegan and vegetarian community

By Ben Hoffman

Websites The Calgary Vegetarian Society Membership costs $15 in this club which organizes events and discounts at some local restaurants. They also have a good listing of farmers’ markets, grocery stores and restaurants serving vegetarian-friendly foods as far away as Banff, carefully specifying which are vegan friendly and which are only for vegetarians. The International… Continue reading Sidebar: Vegan and vegetarian community

Going Vegan

By Ben Hoffman

University is a time for proving your parents wrong, resounding lifestyle changes, pretension and, if you believe everything you see on popular television, talking philosophy at parties. It’s hard to balance all of those at times, especially with profs doling out readings like theirs is the only class and teaching assistants marking assignments as if… Continue reading Going Vegan

The future is a pretty wicked place

By Kyle Francis

Bullets dissolve concrete, kick up ground, smash steel and zip by your ears like deadly little insects. Vision blurs. Tanks, buildings, rocks–everything just a fuzzy outline of itself. You run. Breath rasps like rocks in a coffee can. Blood in your mouth. Blood in your lungs. Concrete against your back is cold. Can’t stop thinking… Continue reading The future is a pretty wicked place

Spun: Venus Hum

By Darren Young

To listen to Venus Hum and imagine that there are only three members seems absurd, but fact is fact, and despite all of the sounds created on The Colors in the Wheel there are only three people making them. The Colors in the Wheel is an ambitious electro-pop album laden with Wurlitzers, vibraphones and innumerable… Continue reading Spun: Venus Hum

Spun: The Flairs

By Kendra Kusick

Finally, something entertaining has come from Vancouver besides good dope. Shut up and Drive is a solid effort from an up-and-coming band of three chicks and one lucky dude who can actually play their instruments. The Flairs rock out with surprising technical ability, despite their obvious low budget. The 13 song track list has a… Continue reading Spun: The Flairs

Spun: The Decemberists

By Garth Paulson

It had to happen some time. Eventually, the Decemberists had to release an album unable to improve upon its predecessor. With The Crane Wife, the band has finally succumbed to this unfortunate fate. Over the span of three full-length albums and a couple EPs the Decemberists’ sound gradually strengthened, reaching its pinnacle on last year’s… Continue reading Spun: The Decemberists