Sidebar: Vegan and vegetarian community


The Calgary Vegetarian Society

Membership costs $15 in this club which organizes events and discounts at some local restaurants. They also have a good listing of farmers’ markets, grocery stores and restaurants serving vegetarian-friendly foods as far away as Banff, carefully specifying which are vegan friendly and which are only for vegetarians.

The International Vegetarian Union

Just in case you need to know about vegetarian activities in, say, Burkina Faso. Also has recipes by region, so focusing on places like India and Ethiopia, which have rich histories of vegetarianism, is sure to get you a few dandy recipes.

Happy Cow

Another good site with local information for vegetarians no matter where they are.

Amaranth Whole Foods

One of Calgary’s biggest and best health food stores, their website has a bunch of good information on it including some decent recipes.

Whole Foods Market

This website also has some good vegetarian and vegan recipes.

The most informative document on the lifestyle, this link directs to the Dietitians of Canada’s very own opinion on vegetarianism as a lifestyle choice. Their verdict: it’s cool with them if that’s what you want. My verdict: if a diet had an instruction manual, this is what it would look like. Everyone’s opinion should be so thorough.


Amaranth Whole Foods, 7 Arbour Lake Dr. NW, 252-8830

A big store in the northwest also offering recipe information on their website:

Planet Organic Market, 4625 Varsity Drive NW, 288-6700

Conveniently located about five blocks away from the university, across the street from Market Mall.

Calgary Farmers’ Market, 4421 Quesnay Wood Drive SW, 244-4548

Farmers’ markets abound in the summer and are an easy way to make sure you know what you are buying, but during the more difficult winter times, they can be harder to find. The sprawling Calgary Farmers’ Market stays open year round and hence is a good solution to snowy vegan blues.


Buddha’s Veggie Restaurant, 5802 Macleod Trail SW, 252-8830

Offering vegan/vegetarian Chinese food. A speciality is the best meatless ginger “beef” in Calgary. I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about Buddha’s.

The Coup, 924B 17th Ave SW, 541-1041

Vegan friendly restaurant offering a variety of tasty dishes and organic beer. Organic beer???

Anpurna, 175B 52nd St SE, 235-6028

Never underestimate how much more ancient cultures might know about doing vegetables properly. India is certainly no exception. Most Indian restaurants will be at least vegetarian friendly, but Anpurna exists because it is favoured by the Calgary vegetarian community.

Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant, 130 10th St NW, 283-6796

In a similar vein as above, Ethiopian is a great choice for vegetarians. In addition, it’s really just a fun experience even omnivores should have. You scoop your food into your mouth with your plate, then eat the plate too!

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