Butler called to the big league

By Taylor McKee

It was a special night for University of Calgary Dinos goaltender Dustin Butler. The Vancouver Canucks played the Calgary Flames on April 10, a game without major playoff implications for either team with the Canucks firmly secured in a playoff position and the Flames attempting to finish their season with pride. However, there was one… Continue reading Butler called to the big league

Helping students down the right TRAILS

By Michael Grondin

Kinesiology students at the University of Calgary helped 70 Grade 7 students learn about leadership and community building through TRAILS — teamwork, respect, attitude, initiative, laughter and success. TRAILS was a day-long event filled with activities, workshops and games that occurred on April 6.
 As part of Kinesiology 311: Leadership Foundations, 28 kinesiology students developed… Continue reading Helping students down the right TRAILS

NDP and Wildrose leaders debate at the U of C

By Riley Hill

Alberta’s New Democratic Party Leader Brian Mason and Wildrose Alliance Party of Alberta Leader Danielle Smith will debate economics in public policy on April 11 at the University of Calgary.
 Mason will examine a progressive system and Smith will advocate a libertarian stance on economics.
 The Society of Undergraduates in Economics, a U of C… Continue reading NDP and Wildrose leaders debate at the U of C

Creativity in the classroom

By Fabian Mayer

University of Calgary associate professor 
Robert Kelly recently published a book on the different ways creative learning is being implemented around the world. The book, entitled Educating For Creativity: A Global Conversation, looked at how creativity was used at 20 educational institutions around the world — from elementary to post-secondary.
 Creative education has been the… Continue reading Creativity in the classroom

MRU students protest budget cuts

By Michael Grondin

Approximately 700 Mount Royal University students congregated in front of Alison Redford’s office in Calgary on April 10 to protest recent budget cuts to post-secondary education. The Student Empowerment Committee, an MRU student group, organized the protest. MRU student Alyssa Kelle, who was at the event, said the budget cuts show the shortsightedness of the… Continue reading MRU students protest budget cuts