Arabic studies almost at the U of C

By Riley Hill

Arabic studies courses for fall 2014 have been approved by the calendar approval sub-committee, a group that approves changes to the University of Calgary course calendar. This approval follows an almost four-year effort to make the courses available at the U of C.
 Students’ Union vice-president academic Kenya-Jade Pinto announced the changes during the Student… Continue reading Arabic studies almost at the U of C

Engineers-to-be show off their skills

By Michael Grondin

The 2013 University of Calgary Schulich School of Engineering Capstone Design Fair occurred on April 9. Over 50 teams comprised of fourth-year engineering students developed and designed unique projects to showcase their engineering skills.
 In Canada, all fourth-year engineering students must develop a Capstone project. This year was the first time first-year students also participated… Continue reading Engineers-to-be show off their skills

Debate: Dinos Logo Redesign

By Richard Goldberger

On Wednesday, April 3, University of Calgary provost and vice-president academic Dru Marshall unveiled the new logo for Dinos athletics to an eager student body and faculty. As part of the rebranding campaign, the Dinos have partnered with Nike as their official sponsor for their athletic apparel, in addition to other changes around athletics that… Continue reading Debate: Dinos Logo Redesign

Democratic reform

By Jeremy Woo

“Democratic reform” is a tagline used by politicians to convince Canadians that somehow more democratic means of governance are in the works. Surprisingly, the federal government even has a Minister for Democratic Reform. However, this convenient expression currently means little to Canadian democracy. In reality, Canada’s archaic political system is in a very sorry state,… Continue reading Democratic reform

Critical mass

By Erin Shumlich

The Alberta government doesn’t care about students. Premier Alison Redford made this very clear when the 2013 provincial budget decreased the University of Calgary’s operating budget by 7.3 per cent. After the budget was announced, her approval rating dropped by 26 percentage points. This particular cut came as quite a shock because Redford had promised… Continue reading Critical mass