Sportspinion: The top-10 players in the NHL

10) Alexander Ovechkin 
 (Washington Capitals)
 Once considered the NHL’s best player and later its best goal-scorer, the Alexander Ovechkin of today has relinquished both of these titles. He is an incomparable fusion of speed, skill, tenacity and has long been one of the game’s most passionate contributors. Yet, Ovechkin seems mired in a downward… Continue reading Sportspinion: The top-10 players in the NHL

Film review: Revolution

In his new documentary film, Revolution, Rob Stewart takes us on a deep-water dive into the Coral Sea surrounding Australia and Papua New Guinea and on a trek through the jungles of Madagascar to demonstrate the effects of Earth’s changing ecosystems. While he succeeds in capturing the vulnerability and beauty of our oceans and forests,… Continue reading Film review: Revolution

Dance the night and day away

In any student’s time at university, there will be challenges that need to be overcome on the way to success — challenges like a first research paper, a first group project or a first class presentation. All of these trials act as stepping stones, preparing students for challenges further down the road. For choreography and… Continue reading Dance the night and day away

Haunted by Ghosts of Violence

Domestic violence is a difficult topic — it is painful, intimate and terrifying, and due to this it is often a topic that is left in the shadows. Victims may not know how to escape these situations, or know that escape is even possible. With their performance Ghosts of Violence, the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of… Continue reading Haunted by Ghosts of Violence