Pope Francis has Easter revelation

By Susan Anderson

Pope Francis announced at Easter Sunday mass on March 31 that he had an Easter revelation. Before he announced the revelation, he was quoted saying “This might seem like a complete reversal of my previous position” and indeed it was. The Pope announced that gay marriage is now OK under Catholic doctrine and that contraception… Continue reading Pope Francis has Easter revelation

Sportspinion: The top-10 players in the NHL

By Suneil Sachdeva

10) Alexander Ovechkin 
 (Washington Capitals)
 Once considered the NHL’s best player and later its best goal-scorer, the Alexander Ovechkin of today has relinquished both of these titles. He is an incomparable fusion of speed, skill, tenacity and has long been one of the game’s most passionate contributors. Yet, Ovechkin seems mired in a downward… Continue reading Sportspinion: The top-10 players in the NHL

Book review: The Douglas Notebooks

By Sean Sullivan

The Douglas Notebooks does not achieve what it sets out to do.
 The book, written by Québécois author Christine Eddie, attempts to create a modern-day fable but embraces a very loose definition of the genre. A fable is typically a tale involving animal characters, a heavy emphasis on nature and an ending with a moral.… Continue reading Book review: The Douglas Notebooks

Film review: Revolution

By Salimah Kassamali

In his new documentary film, Revolution, Rob Stewart takes us on a deep-water dive into the Coral Sea surrounding Australia and Papua New Guinea and on a trek through the jungles of Madagascar to demonstrate the effects of Earth’s changing ecosystems. While he succeeds in capturing the vulnerability and beauty of our oceans and forests,… Continue reading Film review: Revolution