Film review: The Machine

Making its Alberta premiere at the Calgary Underground Film Festival, The Machine is a near-future British sci-fi movie from director Caradog W. James. With Britain in a deep recession and on the brink of a Cold War with China, the British Ministry of Defence is developing the world’s first robotic soldier with artificial intelligence to… Continue reading Film review: The Machine

Privilege no longer a dirty word

The word “privilege” has become a popular and dirty word. A quick look at #WhitePrivilege will show you how frequently this popular hashtag is used on social media. It also ranks within the top 6,000 words in the English language, beating out common words like “nowadays,” “endless” and “unfortunate.” Despite its booming popularity, the long… Continue reading Privilege no longer a dirty word

Diploma exams key to success

Another day, another moment closer to a soul crushing, heart pounding final exam. Every time I sit down to study for one, I remember the good old days of provincially mandated diploma exams. Not long ago this fresh faced, second-year Gauntlet opinions writer was an even more fresh faced high school student. There would come… Continue reading Diploma exams key to success

Parting shots from the EIC

Gauntlet tradition states that the last editorial of the year is written by the outgoing Editor-in-Chief. I’ve been a student here for four years. Sometimes I feel like I’m not learning anything in my classes, but I’m a different person than the scared 20 year old who walked into the Gauntlet office in September 2010… Continue reading Parting shots from the EIC

Dinos year-end report cards

Men’s hockey: A- It was a tale of two seasons for the Dinos men’s hockey team. Over the Christmas break the squad was almost unstoppable. They averaged nearly five goals a game. Their only blemish was an overtime loss to the University of Alberta. The second half of the campaign started well enough with the… Continue reading Dinos year-end report cards