Confession: a Roman Catholic app isn’t a good idea

Little iApps has faced a variety of well-deserved reactions for their iPhone app, Confession: a Roman Catholic App, which is targeted at pious sinners. The app, which aims to help the forgetful during confessionals, was developed with help from actual reverends and with official church imprimatur. The Catholic Church has been quick to point out… Continue reading Confession: a Roman Catholic app isn’t a good idea

Spun: Buck 65

20 Odd Years is a celebration of Buck 65’s 20 year history in the Canadian hip-hop scene. He’s part of a cohort of Canadian rappers who carved out their own niche with a unique style, rather than imitating high-profile Americans. Where others would release a greatest hits album to mark this milestone, Buck 65 does… Continue reading Spun: Buck 65

Spun: Good Lovelies

Although this aptly-named female trio from Ontario has only been around since 2006, it sounds like they’ve been singing together for about 60 years. The Good Lovelies are reminiscent of girl groups of the 1940s and ’50s like the Andrew Sisters, and they wear it well. Let The Rain Fall is the third full-length offering… Continue reading Spun: Good Lovelies

Spun: LCD Soundsystem

What do chocolate milk, tandem bicycles and this album have in common? All of them are based on great original ideas, changed up to make them that much greater. The London Sessions has a set list that spans all stages of James Murphy’s career recorded as a live-in-studio album. It’s a fitting analogy for a… Continue reading Spun: LCD Soundsystem

Perfect season dreams die

The Dinos men’s volleyball team went into last weekend with the chance at a perfect season. Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed by the University of Alberta, who handed them their only two defeats of the season. “There was a sense of disappointment,” said men’s volleyball head coach Rod Durrant. “We had high expectations and there… Continue reading Perfect season dreams die

Women in the change room

On what should have been an average Monday night last December, third-year fine arts student Claire Berenger found herself in a change room with 15 half-naked men. On the third-last game of the intramural hockey season, Berenger and the two other females on the predominantly male team were not provided with a separate female changing… Continue reading Women in the change room