Group hopes to create new future for Sudanese

The non-profit Ruweng Association for Reconstruction and Orphan Support is working to build a sustainable and environmental school in Southern Sudan. RAROS, also known as A Village Future, hopes the Biemnom Education Centre will provide education, health care and economic improvement in the area. RAROS project director and president Dawn Ambler said the goals of… Continue reading Group hopes to create new future for Sudanese

New science faculty club planned

Students in the faculty of science will soon have a new academic club to join. The Science Students Society, or S^3, will “aim to unite the faculty of science,” said second-year biology student and S^3 president Anthony Hu. “Right now, we are really split up with our different departments,” said Hu. “The point of the… Continue reading New science faculty club planned

Research hopes to help queer youth

Finding out how to transition successfully into adulthood can be tough, that’s why one University of Calgary researcher is trying to help make it easier. Assistant professor Andrew Estefan is looking for a few more students to study the support systems queer youth need to transition into adulthood. Estefan recently completed a study that looked… Continue reading Research hopes to help queer youth

A growing vice

Last month, the Mara 18 gang set a Guatemalan bus on fire, killing nine people and injuring a dozen more. Only the latest attack in ongoing gang violence, the arson was an extortion attempt on the company that owns the bus. This year, many similar attacks have happened in Central America where gang violence, largely… Continue reading A growing vice