Somewhere: not exactly Lost in Translation 2

By Andy Williams

Somewhere opens on a partially-obscured, sparse desert racetrack. For three minutes, a nondescript black Ferrari races around and around, zooming in and then quickly out of frame. The car stops and out steps protagonist Johnny Marco, played by Stephen Dorff. Sofia Coppola’s latest movie traces a smattering of events in Marco’s life as a gigantic… Continue reading Somewhere: not exactly Lost in Translation 2


By Andréa Rojas

The forces of lo-fi distortion, freshly-pressed vinyl and microwaveable tour food have given birth to their next generation — an indie-rock progeny that goes by the name of Man Legs. The four-piece, comprised of Josh Boguski, James Perry, Joe Simmons and absentee guitarist Bryce Cloghesy (currently pursuing his studies at McGill), is the product of… Continue reading MAN LEGS

Quebec multiculturalism

By Jocelyn Hunt

Canada is multicultural in law and practice. As long as your language, culture or religious beliefs do not harm another individual, they are welcome here. Yet the province that always appears to be the exception maintains its notoriety. Parti Quebecois spokeswoman Louise Beaudoin recently stated that “multiculturalism may be a Canadian value, but it is… Continue reading Quebec multiculturalism

Say no to usage based billing

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

Thanks to a new ruling by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, you might have to think twice about spending the next four hours playing FarmVille while streaming videos on the side. The CRTC– responding to a request by Bell– has allowed Usage Based Billing for Internet access in an attempt to offset the cost… Continue reading Say no to usage based billing

U of C medical faculty offers advice on city’s fluoride decision

By Brent Constantin

The University of Calgary’s faculty of medicine has offered to strike an expert panel before the city vote on removing fluoride from Calgary’s water supply Feb. 7. “The medical school is still happy to make staff available to work with the city and to provide whatever scientific help the city might need on figuring out… Continue reading U of C medical faculty offers advice on city’s fluoride decision

City brings in guidelines for social media

By Susan Anderson

The City of Calgary has developed employee guidelines for the use of social media. The guidelines detail how the city uses social media and what employees need to consider when using their personal channels. The goals behind these guidelines set out by the city hope to educate and raise awareness about social media and let… Continue reading City brings in guidelines for social media