Quebec multiculturalism

Canada is multicultural in law and practice. As long as your language, culture or religious beliefs do not harm another individual, they are welcome here. Yet the province that always appears to be the exception maintains its notoriety. Parti Quebecois spokeswoman Louise Beaudoin recently stated that “multiculturalism may be a Canadian value, but it is… Continue reading Quebec multiculturalism

The Liberal Party needs a real plan

Campaigning has started for our next federal election and Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff is showing us his true colours. This spring, the opposition will probably send us to the polls by not supporting the budget being released in March by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. Currently, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a seven point lead… Continue reading The Liberal Party needs a real plan

Reforming the welfare system

This past week, the British government initiated welfare reforms that Canada should follow. Prime Minister David Cameron, leader of the Conservative-Liberal coalition government, announced that drastic reforms will be made to the British welfare system to offset their huge deficit. Currently Britain has the third highest deficit at 12.6 per cent of its GDP– to… Continue reading Reforming the welfare system