Down, but they’re not out

After having to cancel a few shows the last time they were through Canada, due to lead singer Phil Anselmo’s throat problems, drummer Jimmy Bower and the rest of Down are set to rip through Canada. This time with a unique tour providing fans the opportunity to purchase tickets for a meet-and-greet and a free… Continue reading Down, but they’re not out

Editorial: We don’t need no education, we just need jobs

One enterprising young New York college graduate has found the best way to beat the recession unemployment blues. Trina Thomson, 27, is suing her alma mater — Monroe College in New York City — for her entire tuition because the campus career centre hasn’t helped her find a full-time job. Her suit is worth $72,000:… Continue reading Editorial: We don’t need no education, we just need jobs

Pending pesticide bylaw sparks community interest

As the City of Calgary awaits independent reviews by an environmental advisory board to be released in October, community and interests groups have taken an increased interest in the potential cosmetic pesticide ban. The pesticide ban that had originally been planned for implementation by 2010 on public lands and 2011 on private lands was stalled… Continue reading Pending pesticide bylaw sparks community interest

Record meteorite find

As technology increasingly allows us to explore the outer bounds of our universe, it is a magical occasion when a piece of the mystery falls through Earth’s atmosphere. The blazing Buzzard Coulee meteorite hurtled to Earth southeast of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan on Nov. 20, 2008. Soon after, University of Calgary department of geoscience associate professor and… Continue reading Record meteorite find

College looks to avoid cuts

The City College of San Francisco is seeking financial aid to continue providing some of its classes. Due to a nine per cent budget cut from the Government of California, amounting to approximately $360 million, community colleges will lose much needed funding. “These cuts will really hurt the mission of the college,” said college chancellor… Continue reading College looks to avoid cuts

Solar Power

Calgary post-secondary schools are working together to design, build and operate a highly energy-efficient and completely solar-powered house. Students from the University of Calgary, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology , the Alberta College of Art & Design and Mount Royal College comprise one of 20 college and university teams from around the world invited… Continue reading Solar Power