Down, but they’re not out

By Mike Tofin

After having to cancel a few shows the last time they were through Canada, due to lead singer Phil Anselmo’s throat problems, drummer Jimmy Bower and the rest of Down are set to rip through Canada. This time with a unique tour providing fans the opportunity to purchase tickets for a meet-and-greet and a free T-shirt for involved metal heads to include in their daily rotation of band tees.

“I think our fans are united in [their] lifestyle,” says Bower. “We always walk around and talk to everybody and try to be personable with everybody. I think a meet-and-greet will make things that much better.”

After touring, the group plans on heading into the studio starting October or early November to record a new album. This process is one that Down has become both famous and infamous for. Their second album, Down II: A Bustle In Your Hedgerow, was recorded amidst a 28-day bender — producing an album that ended up a cult classic despite bombing critically.

“I think with this one we are just going to go into the studio, jam and try to come up with it on the spot,” says Bower. “Kind of like we always do. That always seems to work the best.”

With their last album, Down III: Over the Under, gaining commercial and critical success, Bower suggests that the band is more confident for a return to the feel and creative synergy of an impromptu visit to the studio.

“Since we have taken Down a little more serious over the past few years, [going into the studio] has become more of a tight knit thing and a lot more of a comfortable feeling,” explains Bower. “Everybody has the same mind set now. There really is no brain surgery to it, it’s just us trying to be Down. So we opted this time to go in the studio and say let’s just do this. Just go for the throat.”

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