Gauntlet awards doled out

By Jon Roe

How does one define greatness? Four words–Gauntlet extra effort award. The most anticipated award of the Dinos’ season was handed out by dashingly handsome sports editor, Jon Roe sports editor, at the 40th annual Night of the Dino to women’s volleyball player Holly Harper and men’s hockey goaltender Scott Talbot. Harper overcame a knee injury… Continue reading Gauntlet awards doled out

The ’00s

By Amanda Hu

In conjunction with the Dinos’ 40th anniversary, the Gauntlet is profiling influential athletes from five decades of Dinos history. The last seven years has been a significant time for sports at the University of Calgary. In the volleyball world, several athletes have emerged as star players. Among these is Dino Joanna Niemczewska. Niemczewska became a… Continue reading The ’00s

Awards night brings metal, wood, marble

By Jon Roe

The Dinos 40th anniversary season is over, and there were plenty of team and individual performances to celebrate at the 40th annual Night of the Dino. The Dinos won four Canada West titles and two Canadian Interuniversity Sport championships, all in individual sports. The women’s teams were particularly successful­–the lady Dinos took away Canada West… Continue reading Awards night brings metal, wood, marble

Crowning the King

By Jon Roe

Canadian university basketball royalty has been named the greatest Dino of all time. Karl Tilleman, who started his Dinos career in 1978 and retired in 1984, earned the most votes in a six-month long poll on the Dinos website. Tilleman received 26 per cent of the votes cast in a pool of 40 of the… Continue reading Crowning the King

The Falun Gong: A religion, a cult, or a business?

By Kyle Francis

While it might drop a couple heads toward the crawler on CNN, human rights abuse isn’t exactly a fresh news item. Since human beings have been smart enough to realize we could exploit each other, we have. With genocide and mass murders appearing as bullet points on Google news as often as Paris Hilton inadvertently… Continue reading The Falun Gong: A religion, a cult, or a business?

This Week On The Internet: BSD Survival Guide

By Ændrew Rininsland

In the “About damn time” department, Bermuda Shorts Day will be less than 48 hours away by the time this article goes to print. That’s not much time to get ready, but thanks to everyone’s favourite technological marvel, preparing for the best and most drunken day of the year is easier than ever. Find some… Continue reading This Week On The Internet: BSD Survival Guide

Spun: Musiq Soulchild

By Kenzie Love

“Sorry if I come off disrespectful or my convo is a little bit too sexual,” sings Musiq Soulchild on “b.u.d.d.y.,” the first track on his album Lovanmusiq. A line like this has to be intended ironically. The sexual innuendo in R&B singer Musiq’s lyrics is so mild and the devotion to women so strong, it’s… Continue reading Spun: Musiq Soulchild


By Robin Ianson

Ambition in the music industry is a good thing. It can help keep a band going through the lowest of lows and give bands the courage to push music in new directions or explore new sounds and ideas. Every once in a while a band comes along that is far too ambitious for its own… Continue reading Spun: DAATH