By Eric Fung

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but only Miss Cleo could confirm that.The commonly used symbol for man is the astrological sign of Mars. The relationship between the gender and the planet, however, doesn’t appear to have an academic basis."Mars is the Roman god of War," says Head of the Department of… Continue reading History

Fighting for fathers

By Andrea Bundon

When a family separates, it’s usually the children who suffer.It’s hard to argue with that statement. It’s easy to forget the suffering of the thousands of parents denied access to their children.When marriages turn acrimonious, it’s often left up to the courts to figure out the details, including who gets custody of the kids. Unfortunately,… Continue reading Fighting for fathers

Reforming academia

By Joanna Farley

In the modern world of diverse education, there is one group demanding the right to open discussion and courses on their position in society. Though minority group focus courses are considered a sign of equality, this new group is the most privileged of them all-men.According to the American Men’s Studies Association of America Web site,… Continue reading Reforming academia

Giving it up

By Natalie Sit

Circumcision is defined as the complete or partial removal of the foreskin. In the Victorian era, circumcision was believed to be a cure for masturbation. Presently, there is much debate about the process-should one force what is essentially genital mutilation on their son, or leave him intact until he is able to decide for himself?Some… Continue reading Giving it up

Getting it back

By David Kenney

Penis envy usually involves jealousy over the size and girth of another man’s ‘main vein.’ Surprisingly, it also applies to some circumcised males and their ‘uncut’ counterparts.Amidst the circumcision debate, there is a growing movement of grown, circumcised men who seek to reclaim their lost foreskin. The ‘little snip’ is actually monumental.Circumcision was long believed… Continue reading Getting it back

Pride of piddle

By Kris Kotarski

Want urinal etiquette? Here’s what you don’t do.Don’t walk into the bathroom and start speaking with the guy peeing. He’s not your best friend, he’s there to pee and wash his hands.Don’t choose the urinal right next to someone when others are available. This is very creepy. You are expected to keep your distance because… Continue reading Pride of piddle

The male LCD

By Lawrence Bailey

When Freud introduced the notion of “penis envy,” he aimed it at the wrong gender.Men are far more phallic-centric than women could ever be as their lives tend to orbit, for better or for worse, around that piece of flesh and spongy tissue of variable length. And it is precisely that "variable length" that is… Continue reading The male LCD

Suck it up, princess

Myke AtkinsonAs a society, we pride ourselves on our progression towards liberalistic views, whether that be accepting the sale of The Communist Manifesto in our local bookstore or gay people showing their affection for one another in public. But one area of our perceptions has not progressed along with all the rest in this cultural… Continue reading Suck it up, princess