While there will be cries that the Gauntlet is unduly influencing the Students’ Union General Election, a fine example of true aborted democracy is on display in Zimbabwe.When laws outlawing anti-government media and campaigning by opposition parties are coupled with growing numbers of dead or beaten political opponents, it is painfully clear that no election… Continue reading Democracy?

Bang a gong

It’s surprising how easy it is to have $23,700 handed to you by simply filling out a form and getting five signatures. It’s especially surprising to Matt Stambaugh, your newly acclaimed Students’ Union President. What’s more disconcerting, however, is that Stambaugh’s acclamation stands among several others-nearly the entire SU, in fact.Every single commissioner position was… Continue reading Bang a gong

Setting sights, raising bars

The President of the University of Calgary is on a mission and he’s taking the U of C with him.On Tue., March 5 U of C President Dr. Harvey Weingarten and Associate Vice-President Student Affairs Dr. Peggy Patterson met with the Students’ Legislative Council to discuss the new academic plan for the U of C,… Continue reading Setting sights, raising bars

A new age of spelunking

“What is behind these doors?”On Feb. 28, University of Calgary Professor of Medicine Dr. Christoph Sensen was finally able to give an answer.The Sun Centre of Excellence for Visual Genomics recently launched at the U of C Health Sciences Centre at Foothills Hospital, is the first Java 3D technology-enabled research "CAVE" in the world.CAVE is… Continue reading A new age of spelunking


In an orgy of drinking, celebration and congratulatory cheer, the Gauntlet staff consumed a record $970 worth of booze and nachos on its annual election night."You guys drank us $30 short of a thousand dollars," said incoming Editor-in-Chief Kris Kotarski. "What were you guys thinking and why was I sober?"For reasons unexplained, both Kotarski and… Continue reading FUBAR

All’s fair in love and war

In times of war, journalists typically reserve personal opinions for back room chit chat and rarely put it on record. Carol Off, however, is no typical journalist.On March 1 people flocked to the University of Calgary Club to hear Off, a Current Affairs journalist for CBC Television’s The National present her opinions on war and… Continue reading All’s fair in love and war

An event of note

And so it begins.The first forum of the Students’ Union General Election, the Events forum to be precise, rocked the basement of MacEwan Hall on Wed., March 6. If you missed it don’t worry, none of the Events Commissioners were able to make it either.The five Vice-Presidential hopefuls took roughly an hour to woo would-be… Continue reading An event of note

Modernizing the franchise

It’s more than just a presidential acclamation that set this year’s Students’ Union general elections apart from others."We’ve gone completely online for voting," said Jordana Hennigan, the SU Chief Returning Officer. "We definitely feel positive."During the elections from March 13–15, students can access online ballots via the SU Web site ( then click on the… Continue reading Modernizing the franchise