Romney’s binders full of excuses

Since the second presidential debate on Oct. 16, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s press service has been working tirelessly to douse the inferno sparked by the former governor’s “binders full of women” comment.
 When asked about efforts to promote equality of women in the workplace, Romney claimed he sought the help and support of various… Continue reading Romney’s binders full of excuses

Guilty pleasures

The spectre of the transatlantic slave trade and colonialism in Africa is supposed to be locked in the tomb of the past. The inhumane subjugation of people for luxuries like sugar, tobacco and cocoa is something no one wants to think about — but it happened, and it’s still happening to children. 
 In 2000,… Continue reading Guilty pleasures

Editorial: When enough is enough

Seasons change, cabinets shuffle and federal Conservative Member of Parliament Rob Anders misplaces the half-dozen or so brain cells left in his possession long enough to embarrass himself in public. It’s an almost soothing rhythm in Canadian political life. 
 Devoting another editorial to Rob Anders may seem like picking scabs, but lately it feels… Continue reading Editorial: When enough is enough

Spun: Taylor Swift

Like it or not, Taylor Swift is an inescapable part of pop-radio — you will hear her on virtually any mainstream radio station. But when one considers her pop counterparts — think Katy Perry, Ke$ha or Justin Bieber — Swift is clearly a cut above. 
 In her fourth studio album, Red, Swift continues to… Continue reading Spun: Taylor Swift

Spun: A Tribe Called Red

There is a new genre manifesting in Canadian music today, and A Tribe Called Red is at the helm. This DJ collective from Ottawa started out by mixing traditional powwow music with club beats at parties for urban aboriginal youth in 2008. When they combined a grass dance song with a dubstep beat, they realized… Continue reading Spun: A Tribe Called Red