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European soccer previews

By Mark Villani

Barclay’s English Premier League As Manchester United reach the end of their “glory, glory” era with star manager Alex Ferguson hanging up his whistle, the Premier League looks wide open this year as a number of teams could make their mark early. With new managers at Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea, one can expect… Continue reading European soccer previews

The top-10 soccer players on the planet

By Mark Villani

1) Lionel Messi 
 (FC Barcelona) 
 Lionel Messi is without question the best player in the world. Having a tremendous season in 2012, Messi is the definition of a soccer icon. At a diminutive five-foot-seven, Messi scored 91 goals in 69 games in 2012, beating Gerd Mueller’s all-time record of 85 goals in one… Continue reading The top-10 soccer players on the planet

The Champions League for dummies

By Mark Villani

The battle among nations for Europe’s most coveted prize is the Champions League cup of the Union of European Football Associations. The Champions League trophy is everything that a football player wishes for when they are playing in the park. The tournament takes place each year among Europe’s elite clubs in leagues across 52 countries.… Continue reading The Champions League for dummies