Bush sparks debate about Kyoto Accords

So George W. Bush, the bumbling oilman, turned tail and ran from the Kyoto Accords. Just behind him were his big oil company amigos cheering him on. And who was left behind? Worried environmentalists, the European Union and developing nations.Countries agreed in the Kyoto Accord to reduce emissions to 95 per cent of 1990 levels… Continue reading Bush sparks debate about Kyoto Accords

For Shame, Mclame’s

I have a bone to pick with Maclean’s magazine and their university issue. It has nothing to do with their slagging of the University of Calgary yet again. I actually agree that I attend a poorly run, second-rate institution. No, my beef is with their evaluation of student life. They clearly did not do their… Continue reading For Shame, Mclame’s

His Children not God’s Children

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: His Children Comic, April 5, 2001 In his comic strip, Derek Sweet makes three supposedly contradictory statements, none of which are actually contradictory. I will show how in fact it is Sweet’s own statements that are contradictory. The first statement made by Sweet was, "god says: ‘thou shall not kill,’ but the… Continue reading His Children not God’s Children