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His Children not God’s Children

By Matthew Schneider

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: His Children Comic, April 5, 2001 In his comic strip, Derek Sweet makes three supposedly contradictory statements, none of which are actually contradictory. I will show how in fact it is Sweet’s own statements that are contradictory. The first statement made by Sweet was, "god says: ‘thou shall not kill,’ but the… Continue reading His Children not God’s Children

External Commish

By Stephen Slessor

The five candidates running for the four spots on the Students’ Union External Commission this year are a diverse group. They include a former Miss Barbie, a politically-inclined Biology major, a big jazz fan, a Gregorian chant aficionado, and a current Residence Community Assistant. The External Commissioners, along with the Vice-president External, represent students to… Continue reading External Commish

Zohan just zany enough

By Hoang-Mai Hong

Nary has a summer passed by in the last decade or so without the world being “treated” to an Adam Sandler movie–usually a brainless affair aimed at the laughter of wide audiences–except for the sporadic foray into serious acting (see Punch Drunk Love, Spanglish). This summer’s Happy Madison production, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan,… Continue reading Zohan just zany enough

Unofficial Elected and Acclaimed Positions for the 2000 SU General Election

Elected President: Tyler Brekko – 342 Faisal Rana – 770 Toby White – 1115 ** VP Academic Mark Hoekstra – 1562 ** Brent Robinson – 555 VP Events d’Arhcangelo, Alix – 1347 ** Woolgar, Kyle – 731 Academic Commission Dempsey, Erika – 1135 ** Larsen, Jon – 832 ** Porco, Nicolas – 927 ** Sutherland,… Continue reading Unofficial Elected and Acclaimed Positions for the 2000 SU General Election