France, 1998

Let me begin by saying that I’m no sports fan. Perhaps my knowledge of athletic lore is best defined by the fact that I had to check with my little brother to make sure that the World Cup is a soccer-related event. However, in spite of my lack of enthusiasm towards it, I do have… Continue reading France, 1998

736 atheltic guys in one place.

There’s just something about soccer players. They don’t have helmet hair, they have all their teeth, they’re not genetic freaks, and they go at it 45 minutes non-stop. Every time the World Cup comes around, I fall in love. However, I’m not just about vanity. A true combination of soccer skills, a beautiful tan and… Continue reading 736 atheltic guys in one place.

Preaching to the converted

Friends, I have seen the light and accepted soccer into my life.Now, I know what you’re thinking. Who cares about soccer? What’s so exciting about a sport where the score is usually 0–1? I wish the football faithful would just leave me alone.I know this, because I’ve been there-I too was an unbeliever. My heart… Continue reading Preaching to the converted


Make no mistake, Argentina is the team to beat in 2002, as long as they make it out of their group.Argentina got the most unfortunate draw in the tourney and landed a group with Nigeria, Sweden and England. While England shouldn’t be a problem as the Argentinians torment them every four years, Sweden and Nigeria… Continue reading Argentina


If the USA men’s national soccer team had a mascot, it could only be Rodney Dangerfield. More than any other, this is the side that gets no respect. But why? The Americans have skilled players such as keepers Brad Friedel of the Blackburn Rovers and Kasey Keller of Tottenham Hotspur, who are both playing in… Continue reading USA


All Irish football fans best hope there was many a four-leaf clover sent o’erseas with our boys, especially since our most skilled player is back on the Emerald Isle. Roy Keane’s much-publicized departure from the club was a huge blow to Ireland’s chances but one benefit is that it has galvanized the rest of the… Continue reading Ireland


No one expects the sweet sounds of carnival to fill the streets of Yokohama after this year’s final but there really should be no limit to what the ultra-talented Brazilian squad can accomplish. Stifling proof: the starting 11 features Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Cafu and Emerson–men who only need one name.Brazilian soccer is still in a four-year… Continue reading Brazil


In case you didn’t know, there is a culture beyond bratwurst, beer and sauerkraut in Germany. Relationships end because of it, millions are made with it, even little children know and love it, and foreigners and non-believers follow it with disbelief. This is, of course, the German soccer culture.It is celebrated like a religion, but… Continue reading Germany


Damn it! England is in a group with Argentina again. For the last decade England has been cursed with bad luck, or more specifically, Argentina. Let’s hope this year won’t involve any red cards and Argentinian volleyball.England can certainly make it to the final. Coach Sven-Goran Erikson is confident, despite injuries like David Beckham’s broken… Continue reading England


Most associate Poland with stupidity, drunkenness and Catholicism. However, this World Cup season, there is another stereotype to add to that list. Thanks to a gift from the Nigerian nation, the Polish can proudly say that good soccer should be added too. Let me tell you about Emmanuel Olisadebe. Sounds Polish, doesn’t he? Thanks to… Continue reading Poland