By Evan Turner

Do you remember high school, when the teacher made the class write poetry, and everyone laughed at what the jocks wrote? Kutless’ new album is exactly like that. If you feel inclined to buy this album anyway or have made the mistake of already doing so, don’t worry. It makes for quasi-decent background noise (or… Continue reading Kutless

80’s vs Electro, Various Artists

By Nguyen Giao

This double disc compilation is a showcase of classic ’80s synth pop/dance/electro tracks by artists such as Tears for Fears, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Laidback, and music by current electronic music artists doing the ’80s electro sound. These latter group of artists include Fischerspooner, Playgroup, (John) Selway, gusgus, and Royksopp among others.Hightlights of this compilation are… Continue reading 80’s vs Electro, Various Artists

Chevelle, Wonder What’s Next

By Ivan Danielewicz

Chevelle’s sophomore effort, Wonder What’s Next, is a seemingly unique recording that completely blows the listener away. This trio of brothers from Chicago records an album worthy of any collection. Their hard rock guitars and tight drumming produces an amazing sound that combined with sing-scream vocals to create a powerful experience. With three years under… Continue reading Chevelle, Wonder What’s Next

Ralph Boyd Johnson, Dyin’ to Go

By Kirstin Morrell

Calgary singer-songwriter Ralph Boyd Johnson, known for years for his live performances, has finally released a CD. Overall, Dyin’ to Go is an entertaining country music album, with several moments of musical brilliance held back only by the occasional flaw.“Hit the Deck” is a fast-paced tune in the vein of Steve Earle’s “Copperhead Road” that… Continue reading Ralph Boyd Johnson, Dyin’ to Go