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CJSW turns up signal this month

By Chris Adams

Your favourite campus radio station is getting some exciting upgrades this year. CJSW boosted their signal from 4,000 to 18,000 watts in July and are working on a new website that will automatically podcast all of their shows. Station manager Myke Atkinson said the wattage boost will improve their signal across the city. “There are… Continue reading CJSW turns up signal this month

CJSW seeks SLC’s approval for levy increase

By Tendayi Moyo

On Nov. 26, the University of Calgary’s radio station, CJSW, made their case to Student Legislative Council for a referendum regarding a levy increase. The proposed referendum would ask students to approve a $1.00 increase to the existing $5.00 per session fee that is already collected for CJSW. CJSW station manager Myke Atkinson said that… Continue reading CJSW seeks SLC’s approval for levy increase


By Myke Atkinson

When Radiohead released The King of Limbs earlier this year, it fell short of expectations. Still considered to be a viable addition to the Radiohead canon, the letdown came from the direction in which the band took the album. A remix compilation featuring some of Thom Yorke’s favourite producers, TKOL RMX 1234567 seemed to be… Continue reading Radiohead

Broken Social Scene

By Myke Atkinson

People bandy about the term supergroup a lot, but it lacks a concrete definition. If you subscribe to the belief that it’s a band composed of people from other bands, then by definition virtually every band is a supergroup of some kind. If you modify that definition with the caveat that members’ individual efforts must… Continue reading Broken Social Scene


By Myke Atkinson

The best part of Coldplay’s new album, Viva La Vida, is definitely the artwork on the inner panels of the album. By capturing the chaos and victory of the French in the epic battle scene, Eugene Delacroix takes the credit for the astonishing painting. Musically, Coldplay disappoints. The band’s fourth release follows suit to its… Continue reading Coldplay

Music Interview: Beneath These Idle Tides

By Peter Hemminger

I don’t think music is about technical expertise,” Myke Atkinson confides on a tour of his office. “Certain guitar players can play progressions that I could never pull off no matter what, that’s great. But they’re not doing anything to translate what they’re feeling, they’re just making things that sound polite and nice.” The room… Continue reading Music Interview: Beneath These Idle Tides

Label Review: Down Records

By Kyle Francis

Starting your own label can be a daunting task, but Myke Atkinson, like a bald Johnny Appleseed, has rolled up his sleeves to do just that with his bare hands. Down Records is the brand-spanking new Calgary-based label started and run by Atkinson. Despite only sporting one band on its roster (Veritas, an instrumental rock… Continue reading Label Review: Down Records

SPUN: Junior Boys

By Myke Atkinson

Never would anyone guess Hamilton, Ontario and its surrounding area to be the breeding ground of some of the world’s best electronic music. With Manitobans now secure in their spot as purveyors of psychedelic dance music, Domino went hunting for the next big thing from the burgeoning scene. Junior Boys (a duo of Jeremy Greenspan… Continue reading SPUN: Junior Boys