Why I left a U of C sorority

After experiencing U of C sorority life first-hand, I am comfortable asserting that although the institution of the sorority is theoretically predicated on the principles of eternal friendship and unconditional love, it is implicitly rooted in the three tenets of sexual identity construction, image and power. It’s not fair to extrapolate my experience to apply… Continue reading Why I left a U of C sorority

“I hate the indifferent . . .”

The preeminent cultural critic Antonio Gramsci matter-of-factly pointed out that the most significant hindrance to social betterment is neither corrupt corporate/bourgeois government nor looming fascism. Rather, the most sizeable obstruction keeping society from realizing higher potentials is the menacing force that is indifference. Gramsci states: “I hate the indifferent . . . Indifference and apathy… Continue reading “I hate the indifferent . . .”

Letter: Gauntlet comic extremely offensive to Sikhs

The most recent edition of the Gauntlet newspaper [Nov. 17, 2011] has an extremely offensive comic on the last page. The “Network Admin” comic depicts a man sitting in a cauldron being boiled alive and in the caption it states “I ain’t even mad.” That man is the fifth Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Arjan Dev… Continue reading Letter: Gauntlet comic extremely offensive to Sikhs

Editorial: Under threat – free speech on campus

The quest for free speech at the University of Calgary might not be settled for a while. After four years of battle between two students who were charged with non-academic misconduct by the U of C, Keith and Steven Pridgen, and university administration, a freedom that most students think is their right is still threatened.… Continue reading Editorial: Under threat – free speech on campus

Old man Pete’s bouldering competition

The University of Calgary outdoor centre hosted a bouldering tournament on Nov. 19 called “Old Man Pete’s Bouldering Competition,” named after a living bouldering legend. Climber Corey Im [shown] placed fifth in the men’s expert category. Congratulations to former photo editor Sydney Stokoe, who placed first in the women’s intermediate category.

Hurl awarded Canada West defensive player of the year

The University of Calgary Dinos football squad had a phenomenal year, with a near perfect season and their fourth-straight Hardy Cup. They faced off in the Mitchell Bowl against the Laval Rouge et Or, who ended the Dinos’s season in a heartbreaking loss on Friday. Despite the loss against Laval, the team had a powerful… Continue reading Hurl awarded Canada West defensive player of the year

Dinos look to volley season

There seem to be common words that remain relevant regardless of the sport — consistency is one. After a two-game series over the weekend with the University of Brandon Bobcats, the University of Calgary Dinos men’s volleyball squad are faced with the humbling task of regrouping as a .500 squad before heading out on a… Continue reading Dinos look to volley season